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News vom 25.05.2012
Änderung beim SF Zürich

Wow, wer hätte das erwartet... Das Orga-team (Stefano Amato und Jessy Suma) um Thomas Stadler des Salsafestival Zürich (eines der größten Salsakongresse überhaupt) trennt sich! Wir gehen zwar schwer davon aus, das es dennoch weiter gehen wird in Zürich - halten Euch aber auf dem Laufenden.

Hier der original Pressetext:


by Stefano Amato

"When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others build windmills."
Chinese Proverb

We herewith would like to inform our friends and business partners of the Latin Music & Dance scene about our official retirement from the SALSAFESTIVAL SWITZERLAND Organization.

After over eight eventful and emotional years and considering several private/business situations we, Stefano Amato and Jessica Summa, have decided to break new ground.

Moreover, to this day, the 2013 edition of the Salsafestival in Zürich has still not been confirmed by the organizer/director. This was an additional motivation for us, to focus our eyes "individually forward" to follow our visions and realize lots of eagerly awaited national/international projects, also beyond the Latin scene.

We believe that changes are always a benefit and are confident that this step can only be an enrichment for the entire scene. Of course, such decisions are not easy and are always made with mixed feelings.

We will now concentrate our forces, under the company/label MALO ENTERTAINMENT, and focus on the management of renowned artists of the Latin Music and Dance scene and high-class entertainment productions.

Our contacts/emails of the Salsafestival Switzerland-Organization are inactive with immediate effect.

You can now contact us here:

Stefano Amato Jessy Summa
(DJ El Malo)

Me gusta!

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