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Griselle Ponce : Hi Griselle, we saw you performing with Ismael in Barcelona and we saw this awesome performance where you did this thing with the Bass, how did you get the idea for such a show ?
Griselle Ponce: Basicly it is Ismael who is in charge of the music and the ideas and I come in with the costumes. Cause without the costumes yo barely can understand the choreography. We used the piano, that was the black and white thing, we used the cello, and the cuattro which was the smaller one on my back. We basicly try to match the music as much as possible. : So you are a designer too ?
Griselle Ponce: Yes, i design 99,999% of our costumes : The nice thing for me was that you did not do any artistic moves, but I wasn’t missing it…
Griselle Ponce: Yes, we try to fall of a pattern. Usually you have a song where you have the intro, the turnpatterns, the footwork and the end and we try not to do that. : How did you start dancing Salsa ?
Griselle Ponce: Well, because of my family. My mum was a dancer. My dad was a musician who played Salsa, my aunt too. Salsa has always been there. And I was born and raised in Puerto Rico . And beeing in Puerto Rico all we heard while cleaning or doing other things was Salsa and you danced it at Parties... : How did you get to know Ismael ?
Griselle Ponce: My job was always TV-Co-Host and when I moved to New Jersey I was a modell, dancer and reporter. And what I had to do once was to go and interview a beautyqueen. I looked to my left and there was a room open and I saw a guy who was spinning and spinning and spinning and that was Ismael. And he had no Students yet. So I walked in and I asked him “what are you doing, I am interested…” and that’s how it started. Actually his first and only words to me were “I am going to make you a Mambo Queen”, and I will never forget that. : And what is your impression of Germany ?
Griselle Ponce: Overall I have been really impressed… I don’t know how to explain it to my friends back at home. Cause they don’t understand. Cause they go like “In Germany ? They dance Salsa ? Germans ?..” Many Dancers from here are better than us . : Last question : Do you know when we are going to see you again in Germany ?
Griselle Ponce: Germany ? Well, i don’t know… but Berlin next year, I am sure ! If Franco wants me back !

Comment: it was so nice talking to Grisselle. Actually the interview got too long so we had to cut some parts just because of the length. If you have the opportunity to see her somewhere do it ! Especially check her out on the dancefloor where you can alwas find her !
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