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Felipe Polanco : Hi Felipe, how do you like Torino ?
Felipe Polanco : It is the 3rd time that i have come here and thanks to God the Italians like me. I like seeing that Italians are so enthusiastic about Salsa and how much respect is given to Salsa dancers here. Especially to the PuertoRican Dancers. : And compared to other Congresses you have been to ?
Felipe Polanco : Well, the person organizing this Congress, Angel, is a person i really apreciate. The stay is very nice and the dancers are excellent. The audience had the chance to see different styles. Salsa offers so many styles for so many tastes. I do not care about other things which might have happened here. : How do you like the atmosphear here ?
Felipe Polanco : Well , good... we know what happened, but... : But wasn' it strange somehow .... ?
Felipe Polanco : O.k., Salsa orginates from the Latino-people and in a group of Latinos to argue is almost normal. So i "beat" Salsa (--> Difficult to translate. Ironic comment on that what happened. Instead of saying "I welcome Salsa"). : Ok, maybe you do not feel good to talk about what happened, but please let us know what do you feel about the fight yesterday ?
Felipe Polanco : What happened was a missunderstanding between two persons, who in reality are very calm and I already know for over 5-6 years. They are very good people and it was a mistake. And you shouldn' judge them because of this. I think that you can do a lot of good things, and when you do once something which is not good you shouldn't change your view on that person. It was a difficult situation and we schouldn't judge about it. : Did you ever see something like this before on a congress ?
Felipe Polanco :No. : What is the most important thing for you when teaching ?
Felipe Polanco : I just can speak for myself. When i teach others, i try to give everything i have. I can say about myself that i am a person with a lot of talent. My aim is to give my talent to the people which i teach. Day by day God is giving me more talent. I think every teacher should give everything to his student. : What means Salsa to you ?
Felipe Polanco : Salsa is my life. I love what i do and i think it is the best way to get lucky if you do what you love. : Will you come next year again to this congress ?
Felipe Polanco : Yes, sure. If i get invited...

(Interview held by Nadine)

Remark : It was easy to notice that Felipe did not want to talk about the fight . Nethertheless he gave a comment on it. But really gentleman-like !
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