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Juan Matos : How old are you and since when have you been dancing ?
Juan Matos : I am 24 and i have been dancing since 2000, and for 1 year professionally now. : Do you dance anything besides Salsa ?
Juan Matos : No, just merengue and bachata : What other Sports do you do ?
Juan Matos : Just Basketball : But you are quite small…
Juan Matos : Yeah , i know (smiles) : Do you have any Idols ?
Juan Matos : Oh many pople… T. Guerero and Eddie Torres, just to name a few : Have you already been to Germany ?
Juan Matos : No, it is the first time : But we have seen you in Berlin , right ?
Juan Matos : Oh, I am so confused yes you are right… : And how did you like the dancers
Juan Matos : Really Good , Really Good : So you will come again to Germany
Juan Matos : Of course ! Look out for me in Berlin ! (laughs : Are you married ?
Juan Matos : No… (shows his rings) this is just for style. I am not married : And what about a fix dancepartner
Juan Matos : Yes, the one that performed with me yesterday. She is 17 years old and she is amazing. She already danced 4 years before she came to me : What do you plan for your future ?
Juan Matos : In Dancing… there’s a couple of us , who would like to take the dancing to another level. We wanna take this to another dimension : Are you planning to come to Zurich again ?
Juan Matos : Of course I would love to !
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