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Henry Knowles : Henry, what’s your impression of Germany ?
Henry Knowles : I like it. The good thing about travelling around the world is that every place is different. I like the atmosphere , I like the people, they really like to have a good time. They pretty much dance to everything I throw them to. Every part is different. : Which was the biggest Salsa-Scene you saw ?
Henry Knowles : I would probably say Frankfurt and Berlin. Probably because those are the biggest cities. Yeah and I have seen some good Parties in Karlsruhe. But I would say Frankfurt and Berlin, the bigger Cities. : How did you become a DJ ? Did you start as a DJ or as a dancer ?
Henry Knowles : I have been dancing since I was 9 years old. The music was always there at family gatherings. But I started collecting records when I was about 10 years old. I used to spend my summers in Puerto Rico . I was born and raised in New York , but I used to spend the summers with my grandparents. So I had cousins that were my age , and they took me to parties. And I went on collecting records. And then when I was in High School , they called me to bring me records to a party. And when I got there they told me to play them and that was when everything started : The most precious Vinyl or CD you have ?
Henry Knowles : Wow, that is so hard to say, because my Vinyl has been put away for so long now and I have been working with CDs now since they came out. But Precious… that is a hard question … I probably have to say like Tito Rodriguez, cause for me he is one of the legends. Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente are my Top 2 as far as the most precious ones. : What is your most favourite City, talking about Salsa, in the world besides Stuttgart ?
Henry Knowles : (laughs) It’s hard cause every place I go , I fall in love with. I feel like I could live in every place I go to. But I probably have to say … I love the Caribbean… but maybe Milan and outside of that maybe Argentina. I love Argentina, there is such a good feeling there. But outside of that, I would have to say Italy. I like Paris.. I can’t say “my favourite” because every place I go I find something favourite that I like about there more than in other places. : Do you feel you get recognised a lot by now in Germany ?
Henry Knowles : Yeah, especially after doing the program on VIVA TV. And it is amazing… I guess it is the Internet too. Cause everywhere I go now… I mean people know me in Japan ! And that makes me feel good. It shows me that I am doing something good. : What was the most weird place you have been to ?
Henry Knowles : I would probably say Malta. Cause I went up there do Salsa and I don’t think they had any idea what Salsa was. I was going to some of the clubs and … Malta is beautiful, I love the place… but if you go to places that say “Salsa”, they play Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez,… So when I told them this is what Salsa is, they were like “wow…” So that was maybe the most difficult experience for me as showing people what Salsa is. : Is there anything you want to say your German fans ?
Henry Knowles : Well, the most important thing I would like to say is : people that really wanna continue with Salsa and the dancing is to really get into the Music. To educate themselves to the Music. Get to know who the artists are, get to know who the people are that record this beautiful music. That is very important. That is what is going to make you a better dancer, and what is gonna make you feel the music. When you see a band on stage, pay attention, find out who they are. : Talking about bands, what do you think about “Mercado Negro” ? They are gonna perform tonight…
Henry Knowles : Yeah I heard very good things about them. They were supposed to send me a CD. But I haven’t received it yet. So I haven’t heard them, but from the people I heard, which are reliable sources, they are very very good.

Henry seemed to be a quite relaxed guy. And we were surprised to have a band on stage that even “Henry Knowles” hadn’t heard yet. Thank you Academia de Salsa.
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