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Leo Garcia : Leo, what's your impression of Germany ?
Leo Garcia : Germany is going to be on of the best places to promote salsa as an artform and as a social tool to integrate people. : Do you think we are at a starting-point or do you think we already reached some high-level point ?
Leo Garcia : It has already reached a high-level point. It started from the first congress in 2001. And then when Rober Balasz, myself and Henry Knowles decided to make a DJ-Tour and then again at the Berlin Salsacongress… : What Do you think about the Dancers in Germany ? Do they dance different then dancers in England or other countries ?
Leo Garcia : Yes, they are different, they are thinkers.. more technicians. And that will take a little bit of way to enjoy more their own body movement. They are a little bit too concerned about what people might think about that. : Which of the dancers do you like best yourself ?
Leo Garcia : From the old days : Eddie Torres, Papito JalaJala, Felipe Polanco….(mentions a lot more names). From the new Generation : Frankie Martinez, Tito Ortoz, Johny Vasquez, Rogelio Moreno,…(mentions a lot more names). If I forgot someone forgive me.. (laughs)! : Have you been first a Dancer and then a DJ ?
Leo Garcia : First I was a DJ and then a dancer. And also Musician. I was born in Colombia. Since I was a little kid I wanted to go to dance and they didn't let me in. Then I was 11 and searched to get in into the parties. I had a neighbour who had a DJ-System. So I said "I want to help you" . He said "Sure !". So he used to call me. And it was only one turntable. Not two. On one turntable you have to be fast (mimics the movements). And it was German, "Grundig" ! Yeah and that was it. : Do you have anything particular to say to German people ?
Leo Garcia : Well, they like to Party but they are not free enough to party. So "be more free to party" and "be more free to enjoy what you are doing".

Leo was very cool ! After our interview he told us even more about his past and abou "back in the days". Very interesting for us !
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