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Tropical Gem : What is your impression of Germany ? And compared to Italy ?
Tropical Gem : Well, speaking about Salsa I have to say that there is a lot of movement in Germany. I have had experiences in Berlin and Munich and there is a lot of movement. Compared to Italy I have to say that Italy is more ahead, the movement is much bigger. Maybe I’m wrong. But i think there is more dancing ... : Are you talking about quantity or quality ?
Tropical Gem : Well, I couldn’t say anything about the quality , but concerning the quantity I think it is quite bigger in Italy. For example only in Milan, and I mean the centre of Milan, there are about 10 Clubs. : When did you start as a group ?
Tropical Gem : We have been together for 3 years now. In 2 weeks it will be 3 years. Me and Fernando worked earlier in a group with only male Cubans and after we left that group we founded Tropical Gem. : Your favourite city in the world talking about Salsa ?
Tropical Gem : Well I think this would be New York. Because you have the chance to study so much there. But my favourite city for dancing myself and having fun is definitely Puerto Rico. : Talking about learning Salsa, which teachers/ dancers have influenced you most ?
Tropical Gem : Well the most influence on us had a teacher from Milan. His name is Valdez. He is a Cuban dancer. But also Felipe Polanco (names 2 or three more) . We take lessons from a lot of people. : Your favourite dancer / group ?
Tropical Gem : Talking about dancers I like to watch ... Actually my partner ! I can stand there and watch him for hours... But also Frankie Martinez and Francisco Vasquez. : Anything you want to say to your German fans ?
Tropical Gem : Learn ! Learn a lot ! And not just from one teacher ! But from many. Dance , dance on the 1, on the 2, on the 3, dance ! There is always something to learn.
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