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Leon Rose and Susana Montero : When did you start with dancing Salsa?
Leon : I started about 6 years ago. It was my mum that took me to a salsa club one Sunday. And I saw this people dancing and I said “You know what : I have to learn this “. Susana : I friend of mine took me to salsa. It was about 7 years ago. My friend wanted to go to a salsa cub. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to go to a English club. But then she said :”Come on, let’s try it”. So we went to a club called “Villa Stefano” Leon : Yeah that is the place i started. Susana : And the moment i saw this people dancing I just loved it : Do you know any other type of dance ?
Leon : Me, I just used to dance in R&B and HipHop- Clubs. I used to dance with my friends. The only thing I trained for was gymnastics. That was it. She is a professional Dancer (makes fun of her) Susana : I did classical ballet and then contemporary Jazz. : What do you think about the German dancers ?
Leon : There are some very good dancers over here. Every time I come over to Germany the level just goes higher and higher…wow… this is getting to high… It is hard for my job (jokes around), I have to make sure I can teach them something. Susana : First time I went to Germany was to Berlin two years ago for the Congress and definitely the standard has been growing and growing : What dancers have influenced you most and you like most ?
Leon : In the beginning there was a guy called Nelson Flores from NY, and he came to London. I just started to learn on 2 and he came over to show some stuff. And there I was like “ok, I have to go back and learn a lot new things. I try not to copy anybody else. The only guy I really like watching is a guy from France. He has got a lot of style ! Susana : For me many people . Flores is definitely one of them he is full of energy and the things where absolutely new to me. And then when we went to NY , to see Eddie Torres. He was incredible. I like the Salsa Brava Dancers, they got so much energy ! : How did you get to know each other and why did you decide to get dance partners ?
Leon : It started a couple of years ago. And I saw Susana in a dance competition on TV and she won. And I thought : I want to dance in this competition. And then I saw her. And all those guys where after her and I was scared to ask her to dance. Then one day I asked her and she said “OK” (makes fun of her mimicking her voice). And later I stopped dancing with my first dance partner and the someone asked us to do a show together. And we did that. And then Susana asked me to do a competition and we did that and became 2nd. And then we just went from there. And now she is so busy , she doesn’t even has time to dance with me (makes fun once more). : Plans for the future ? Marrying ? Kids ?
Leon : Kids ? (both laugh) I wanna teach and travel as much and I can and be creative. I got so much ideas and I got to let them out.
Susana : I wanna have a school ! : In London ? Susana : Pfff… I wish… it is sooo expensive. But any way I will be trying. And in the meantime travelling and teaching. : If you need a room in Germany call us… Susana : (laughs) If you find a place, you never know. I will think about it.

(Interview was held by Biggi and Ramona geführt)
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