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Frankie Martinez : First of all, what is your impression of the German Salsa-scene ?
Frankie Martinez : It’s growing… It is in the developmental stages. I like Germany. Germany as a place I think is a beautiful place. I've been everywhere. Germany is very very cool. I feel great here. : Do you think Germany has a potential to get bigger ?
Frankie Martinez : Absolutely the interest is there. They just have to keep moving in the direction they are moving. : For those who do not know you that well: How did you start dancing and how did you develop ?
Frankie Martinez : I always listened to the music my whole life. At 19 I was at the military and I was stationed for 2 months in Florida and I spent a lot of time with my father. And because I was 19 I was not allowed to get into the night-clubs and my father took me out in the evenings and I got to see people that knew how to dance. I think they were doing a very Cuban type of salsa. So seeing this in the night-club I got this fever to learn this after the military. I didn’t know that there were any differences between salsa or anything else, I didn’t even know what Mambo was. So I saw “Salsa” in the yellow Pages, and I just went to the school that had Salsa and was closest to me. There I started learning not only Salsa but Foxtrot, Waltz and all these things I didn’t want to learn. I went through a Ballroom-Instructors Course, cause they thought I was very talented. But all through that time there was a Dominican Teacher who kept telling me “you have to go to the clubs and see how people dance there”. Actually I was intimidated to go up to that point. But he told me where to go. So I went to Latin Quarter on Thursday Nights after the classes and I was staying there for whole hours just totally amazed. And I went home and I didn’t understand how they were dancing. They were dancing on 2 and I couldn’t relate. This “ballroom” was so different and I knew that I couldn’t dance with anybody THERE. So I just basically stayed and watched and then I went home and mimicked what they were doing and finally someone gave me a flyer for Eddie Torres. I went to his class and that was it. It took me about a month to change to the 2 and then I kept going. After that I left Eddie. Eddies Style is very different then mine, I was very “Eddie Torres” for the 3 years I was with him. But the second that I left Eddie, I started to develop in a completely different direction. : Are there any other dances that you do besides Salsa ?
Frankie Martinez : No, this is it. That is all I need to do. I never get bored with it. I dance to different music , I dance to Afro Music, I dance to Afro Latin Jazz, to regular music. : Which is your favourite city in the World concerning Salsa besides Stuttgart ?
Frankie Martinez : Hehe, besides Stuttgart ? Good Question ! I think somewhere in Puerto Rico because of the simple fact that the culture and what I love about the music is still very present there. I think in San Juan, it is very small. It has hardly any Salsa but when you find it, it is the real stuff. : Anything u want to say to your german audience ?
Frankie Martinez : Yeah, keep dancing, and that I hope that I hope that all these times I have been to Germany is changing the way that people look at this. Not only as a social dance but as an artform. Cause that is my message. This to me is an artform it is not just having fun and partying but dedicating himself to it as a way of life. Cause it is definitely a way of life for me.

Frankie was very kind and open with us, after the Interview we went on talking for quite a while and he told us some of his plans for the future and about his way of dancing and how he sees and feels Salsa. Thank you very much Frankie !
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