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Jayson Molina : Jayson, how do you like Germany so far ?
Jayson Molina : Very, very, very much! : For those who might not know you that well : How did you start dancing ? How did you develop ?
Jayson Molina : Well, with 4 years i came to New York and ever since I listened to this music. Finally, with 8 years i went to "EDDIE TORRES". With 13/14 years I created my first Choreography and with 16/17 years I already had my own dancegroup, with which i went on tour already one year later . I danced with the Eddie Torres Group and at the same time with the teenagergroup, which belonged to his school . What a lot of people don't knwo is that i studied psychologie and that i am a elementary school teacher. But as i decided for the dance, i am not practizing this anymore. : What do you think about the Stars at this Congress?
Jayson Molina : It is the first night and it is not possible to say much about it because the highlight is, as we all know, saturday night and there will be expected and available some great dancers. I actually was expecting some more spectators, cause last year it was unbelievable . But you have to add that the Location (Caribe) was much smaller then the Zapata here. : Where else can we see you this year ?
Jayson Molina : Possibly I will be on Tour in November and there I will be also in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Munich . Hopefully! : Which dancers have influenced you and which do you like best today ?
Jayson Molina : Untill now i had only one Teacher and i absolutely follow his style. That is "EDDIE TORRES"! Up to now I have met no teacher, which i liked that much as i like Eddie. I am a grown dancer and have reached my aim and i will follow this path. There are some dancers I like , for example: some one new is Frankie Martinez, who is really great, Tropical Gem are very good, my big friend Johnny Vasquez is fantastic and for sure i like Rogelio Moreno quite a lot ! : Do you dance other dances besides Salsa ?
Jayson Molina : I dance, Bachata, Swing, Rumba some Afro! : Your favourite salsa-city in the world... ?
Jayson Molina : (... hesitates a little to answer and then says...) New York. There we all dance the same style and we know each other. We all grew up together, that is the reason. For me New York! But that is not the city in which I would like to live forever. I'd like to live forever in my homecountry Puerto Rico! : Is there anything you want to say to your german fans ?
Jayson Molina : Yes. Much people think I am a severe teacher. Well that is true. That is part of my work. Because when I teach, I want my students to take serious what i practice. I understand that dancing should be fun , but it is my job that people learn to dance right. For sure there is a lot of fun, but in my lessons i prefer seriousness. Because only like this you can reach your aims. You can have fun. But you have to distinguish fun from leraning. For sure I do not want that my school is like a concentration camp, but I would like to have that the people first learn and THEN have fun with what I taught them!

(Interview held by Sebastiano)

That Jayson can be a severe one we were able to see on our own at the workshops. And now we know why ! But anyhow we can not understand why some partecipants still tryed to film the workshops even though Jayson had explicitly pointed out that this was NOT allowed....
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