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Stacey Lopez : First of all, what is your impression of Germany ?
Stacey Lopez : My impression of Germany is… well it is the 2nd time I am here, no wait the 3rd. And the people are getting more in to it and the way they are dancing and the way they are enjoying it , you know and that is the most important thing in dance. It is not to dance in the one way or the other, it is to get on the dance floor and to enjoy yourself. And I have seen that the German people are beginning to enjoy themselves, the way they feel the music and that is great. Once they enjoy they are gonna keep on going out. The only thing that I can say is that if you have friends that don’t know about latin music try to invite them in one of the clubs, and once they come they see what it is all about . They gonna stay. : I saw you for the first time here at the 1st Academia de Salsa Congress, and I was wondering : What do you have more passion for , Salsa or ChaCha ?
Stacey Lopez : Well the thing is I grew up with both of them . In my house we used to listen to ChaCha and we used to listen to Salsa. But the thing is that the ChaCha is a beat that you can create more steps because it is a in between beat. The ChaCha gives me more space for that. But I love Salsa also. : So if you would have to choose between Salsa and ChaCha, it would be ChaCha ?
Stacey Lopez : (grins) Yeah , ChaCha. If somebody asks me “you wanna dance ?”, I say “Yeah, put on a ChaCha”. : For those who do not know you that well: How did u became a dancer ?
Stacey Lopez : Ok, it all started in my mothers belly, because my mom and my dad they used to dance. So I was born dancing… : Where else can we see you this year in Germany ?
Stacey Lopez : Well, I wish… well anyone can contact me … ok, (spells email-address) STACEY_LOPEZ@HOTMAIL.COM, you can contact me and I will be more than happy to do some workshops and to do some shows. Sometimes I travel alone because my partner is very busy in terms of what she does, but I can come myself. I can bring a partner. And in terms of money sometimes people are worried about : “He is too expensive, cause he is Stacey Lopez..” No let’s not talk about the money, the money is secondary for me. For me the most important thing is see this grow, see the development go to another level : What dances do you dance besides Salsa and ChaCha ?
Stacey Lopez : I don’t feel anything else… I took tap classes, I took ballet classes, I took Jazz classes, but just to develop myself as a dancer . But I never wanted to do a show that was not Salsa. Because Salsa is my passion. : Which is your most favourite city in the world besides Stuttgart ?
Stacey Lopez : Besides Stuttgart ? Hehe (laughs). Ahhmm, every city has a special thing you know. And I try to make the most out of it. To have fun, to meet people. I can’t tell you there is a favourite city, because everywhere I go I make a commitment to myself to meet people, to make friends. And when ever I come back feel good that I am coming back to say hi to the friends I made : Anything you want to say to your German fans ? To the German people ?
Stacey Lopez : Yes, keep on enjoying the music and go out on the dance-floor. Dance, because dancing is an exercise that is gonna keep you young , is gonna make your heart beat. And by the time that you realize, it is gonna keep you healthy. So if you don’t have a way of exercising yourself , get into Salsa. You gonna see what passion, what magic it does for your health . Not only for your social-life , but for your health it’s a wonderful thing.

Stacey seems to be quite a funny guy, what we were able to see on the congress too. You can almost feel his energy whe he is on the dancefloor . We are curious to see when we will be able to see him again in Germany.
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